our aim to improve educational skills to girls 

Urdu bazaar is the largest books market in Rawalpindi Islamabad it was established in the British era  the best books shop were looked  in this bazaar  since that time round about above   hundred  years best books shop serving the people to get information knowledge and education as we know the education is backbone to success the best  books shops  is helping to improve literacy  rate in Pakistan  

in recent research population of women is  more then population of men so this is clear indication for us that we must have to provide educational skills  to our women and religious point of view is also force us to give knowledge our women as we know to hadis are their to acknowledge  to importance of knowledge one of them is 

” it’s duty of every men and women to get knowledge” 

that why we offer right books for our own publish books we offer short books writing for the metric students we have a small library in our both branch’s Rawalpindi and Islamabad to promote books reading habit for senior citizens thier is another portion of books regard history books Artical books and quot books   we want to reduce generation gap between student and senior citizens




in Pakistan more then 70% population live in ruler areas but  facility of education  are very much poor in our ruler areas their are two main reasons  behind  this  one of them is government is not focusing on ruler educational system their focus is only urban areas as well as private education structure is also not interested to invest ruler areas because their fees are too much high so the poor people of rular areas can not afford 

the best books shop took initiative to invest in ruler areas   and we are providing free of cost books to poor people in different areas are Sindh Punjab  k.p.k  Baluchistan   

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reward yourself for reading when you reach a reading goal reward yourself with something special this could be anything from buying yourself a best book to taking a long breath


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